Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page is created to tell every visitor and customer of us that our site is a safe place. The policy is written in a simple manner. Each visitor and customer of the site is monitored by our organization to evaluate their browsing experience. We collect personal data like name and email address of our customers.  

Why Do We Gather Personal Data?

Do We Share Your Personal Information?

Note: Every visitor or customer is important for us. We respect them. Each email shared with you has an unsubscribe button that they can click to stop our mails. Remember, we have the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy.

Our Aim

Our focus is on all email clients, i.e. a business mail client and personal mail client, providing an easy approach to manage emails or data. We furnish end users with products, which have interactive graphical user interface and capabilities of rendering solution for file conversion & data recovery in a convenient manner. Our aim is to develop such products, which are best in market and meet the industry standards.

Our Vision

We keep a track of latest file formats & email platforms; work upon them for allowing clients to manage data efficiently. Our vision and mission both is to remain pioneers, which we are, for providing end-users a platform to tackle with large amounts of data. The products are developed in such a way that data integrity is maintained after its processing. Our objective has always been to render a tested product that performs management without any complication.

Our Specialization

Our power is in the software, which we render for managing bulk of data in different manner and for different purposes. We are specialized in developing products that maintain the data integrity after its processing. Our products have been helping legion of users across the world in resolving several data related issues and continue to do so.