An Easy Way to Access Lotus Notes on Web Browser

lotus notes on web browser

MS Outlook emailing application provides the opportunity to users to easily access emails. With the help of Outlook Web Access, users enjoy the opportunity to access the emails on the Net in their respective browsers. However, there is no such ease with Lotus Notes. If you are a Lotus Notes user then you need to acquire extra permission for this requirement.  In Lotus Notes, the administrator set the permission which prevents the access of Notes on Web as iNotes.

step 1

Fortunately, if the administrator grants the permission, then the user can comfortably access the Lotus Notes as iNotes over the network. Besides this, the grant of permission to access further provides ease of checking emails even at home. Another benefit, if the user wants to send the email without a system then the user just needs to type the address in the browser and can perform functions like sending/receiving emails.

Step-by-Step Process to Enable Lotus Notes (iNotes) on Web

To begin the process, the Domino Administrator needs to make NSF files available for performing the web browsing. Now, start the process using the following steps:

  1. First, start the Domino Server and immediately go to Files
  2. Now, choose the file and after that select Application and soon after that click on New
  3. It is important to choose the server as a Domino server. Ensure to name it as ‘domcfg’
  4. After you have allotted a name to the server, move to the ‘Specify Template for new application’ server and choose your domino server
  5. Here you need to click on Show Advanced templates
  6. And then select ‘Domino Web Server Configuration’ as Template
  7. In the further step, press ‘OK’ and ‘domcfg- Sign in form mappings’ will flash on your computer’s screen.
  8. Now, click on ‘ADD Mapping’ and choose the target database as ‘iwaredir.nsf’ as well as the target form as ‘dwaLoginForm’
  9. Here in the next step, Save as well as close the ‘windowDomino’ Web Login

step 2

Steps to Create IWAREDIR for Accessing Mails on the Web:

For creating ‘IWAREDIR’ to access Mails on the Web, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, go to Files and then to Application from Server choose Domino.
  • Make sure to name it as iwaredir and denote the template for the new application
  • In the next step, click ‘Show Advance Templates’
  • In Template, choose the ‘IBM Lotus iNotes Redirect’, and press OK
  • You will now find the IBM Lotus iNotes Redirect, customize it according to the need, and exit windowNotes Login

step 3


Start Redirecting IWAREDIR.NSF to Default Web Browser

  • Soon after this, go to Domino Administrator Configuration tab
  • Now, follow the simple step: Server Document and then move onto Current Server Document then to Internet Protocol and lastly HTTP tab
  • Choose mapping, start typing the URL to the NSF file
  • Here you will go to the Domino Web Engine tab. After Domino Web Engine Tab, choose in-session authentication and choose a single server
  • Here you will click on save and then close the window.

step 3

Access the Lotus Notes on Web

After the Administrator has set the permissions for accessing email files on the web, emails can be checked in the following way:

  • Go to the Address bar and start typing the URL to your mail file ( e.g.
  • Now, quickly enter the username and password to log in to Lotus Notes account
  • Access your Lotus Notes account on the web browser.

Lotus Notes and Outlook are different emailing applications. Outlook can be easily accessed through only. ON the other hand, Lotus Notes consisted of the company’s web address, and then it will direct you towards user account. By following the steps suggested here, you can access the emails on the web.

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